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Badges for sale

EDIT (20/1/2011): The Professor Layton, Edward Elric, No-Face and Amaterasu pins are SOLD OUT! But we will reprint more pins if we get requests for them. :)

My friends and I collaborated to create badges for Comic Fiesta, a yearly anime/manga/game convention in Malaysia, with the theme of anime and game characters. We crossed the design mascots from Taiko no Tatsujin, a Japanese drum rhythm game, with various other game characters to create our badges.

   plus   equals:

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Closer views and more info hereCollapse )

If you're interested in purchasing any of these pins, do post here or send me a note, though I'll reply through notes only for transactions.

Thank you for your time! :)

The procrastinator is back in action!

Having been back for several days already, procrastination rears its ugly head yet again, seeing as I'm too lazy to edit photos from my Australia/New Zealand trip to post here. Just a quick update on my life.

Wednesday was a day of pleasant and unpleasant surprises. It was the day my results were out.

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Signing out


Yet another semester officially ends tomorrow when I hand up my Animation assignment, and after that head to the airport! Am leaving for Melbourne tomorrow night for sister's graduation ceremony, and then we're off to New Zealand for a week-long vacation. Which involves tons of driving, since we're not following a tour. At least I finally have time to finish playing my DS games, whoo.

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Will update when I return from my trip! Will be back on the 26th December. :D


Photobucket or LJ

one of these two causes, or both, are being such a pain that I can't upload my photos. Grrrr. >:(

Update on my life so far

Wow, it's been ages since I posted. I wonder why my life is so mundane. :P

Anyway, college starts again next Monday, after 5 weeks of break during which I promised to practise drawing more and stuff to improve my skills, as I do every semester break, and as usual, I never do what I intended to. My sem break resolutions are not unlike New Year resolutions. XD

I think I should put the rest under an LJ-cut, it's pretty much a bunch of rambling nonsense that I wouldn't want to spam anyone's page with. XD

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So that's the story of my life so far. Hope you people are doing well, and wish me luck for my exam! :D

The World Cup is messing with me!!!

Sigh. The WC season ends when my semester ends. Which means: I'm watching football and posting here when I really ought to spend my precious time on doing my assignments, especially when they're due in 3 weeks!

Aha. Aha. Aha. XDDDDDDDD


Holiday mood, I hate you

My semester started a week ago. I have yet to recover from my holiday mood syndrome. The sem break had really messed up my sleep cycle, now I have to sleep longer and earlier so that I won't feel half-dead in the middle of the day. Plus, I'm seriously slacking already on just the first week. Procrastinated A LOT and took plenty of naps. Why is it that I never have the mood to do my assignments during the day, but then I feel so sleepy at night, and end up not doing anything in the end? Then I complain lots and regret even more for being the lazy beast that I am and end up having to rush for last-minute work. And the vicious cycle begins again. Major SIGHHHH. T_T

Anyway, I got my results from last semester.

Photography - B (never liked this subject anyway)
Concept Art 1 - A
3D Modeling - B+
2D Animation - B+
Survey of SEA Art and Culture - A (Figures. I get an A on an unimportant subject just by memorising.)
Conceptual(Marker) Rendering - A

Overall, I'm satisfied with my results because I really thought I wouldn't do well especially in Concept Art and 3D modeling. I struggled quite a bit with those subjects, and I think it's by virtue of my lecturers' leniency and the fact that I make sure to hand up all my assignments on time and have perfect attendance that I'm able to get decent marks.

My subjects for this semester:

Marketing and Consumer Behaviour - I'm allergic to this kind of theoretical subjects! Give me the memorising anytime, please! Now I'm sure I'm never going into any form of advertising line.

Concept Art 2 - Gonna be tougher than Concept Art 1. Have to really pick up on my digital painting skills.

3D Modeling Advanced - Crap. I'm lousy at modeling. To think I dreaded modeling objects when I now have to model a HUMAN! *dead*

3D Animation Basics - Not sure if this will be too tough, hopefully the software thingies won't confound me too much.

Here's to a new semester! When's the next sem break coming??? XD


Just what are you doing, JA....

What was supposed to be a time for me to research and look for textures for my Maya final turned into a blog-surfing quest. It's 1 am now and I think I'm definitely not gonna get anymore work done this morning. Great thing that concept art presentation got pushed a day up so I get a whole free day for Maya, since I always neglect this subject (but my concept art final doesn't look very nice). Still, I'm relaxing way too much already, despite the fact that my Maya is pretty crap so far. Guhh.

But all this blog-surfing... I'm going through the blogs of my church members, discovering them though different links, and as I read their posts, I wonder if I can ever have the same kind of bond that they have. Most of them know each other for many years, some since they were babies. Most of them were friends since the highschool days, and now that we're mostly out of highschool, I wonder... Will I ever be able to fit in with them? I've just started participating in youth more actively very recently, and I barely know anyone aside from the usual "hi"s and "bye"s, aside from my cell members, of whom only a couple of them I can converse comfortably with, mostly due to my inability to chat easily with people that I don't know really well(Also the fact that I'm just not good at socialising, and I don't know much about what teens these days talk about; I seem to not talk about those things much).

Sometimes I feel left out, such as when I go for the church programs and have the lunch hour time free, I don't have someone to hang out with or talk to. Most of the time I just bring my sketch book and draw. I think I may seem unfriendly in this circumstances (I see a friend, who's even newer to church than I am, becoming Miss Popular and effortlessly blending into the crowd, and I envy her), but I don't know... I'm just not that kind of person who can join people's conversations. I know that many people will say, "Why so embarassed, just ask/join/talk lah!" but I don't know if they know that I'm not that kind of person. I don't like to be imposing, I don't like to ask favours unless I'm really comfortable with someone. When I see the aforementioned popular friend dashing off the with some other cell members, I'm afraid to tag along or join them, cause I don't want to become the gooseberry. I'm mostly older than them, I don't know how to talk about the things they talk about, and I end up feeling excluded from the conversation when they talk about stuff that they know but I don't (I'm not resentful about that, they're nice people and I'm used to this sort of thing, but I feel this pang in my heart when that happens).

The people whom I'm a bit closer to usually have stuff to do, and I definitely can't ask them to babysit me just because I can't socialise well. How embarassing is that, I'm older than most of them and I can't make close-ish friends there eventhough I've been in the church for nearly two years? (though I only attended youth for less than a year or so lah). Maybe I have this deep-rooted paranoia of looking dumb or something. I don't know. It's frustrating that I'm the type who makes friends one-on-one.

But anyway, joining the Production House department of my youth can hopefully bring me closer to the people there. It's a service to Father and I can socialise more. Reading my words up there, I sound so whiny and complaining. I have a good life now, with great friends. But I want church to be a bigger part of my life, and I want to be closer to them(for many of them, the church gang are their regular everyday friends and not the "church" friends; I'd love to be a part of that).

Maybe only time will tell, and I have to open up a bit more. I think I need to be less cautious.

Yes, I'm still alive...

Sem break will arrive at the end of April, so now I'm practically bouncing off the walls in anticipation. Finals are killing me, though I am ashamed to admit that my own horrible procrastination contributed tons to my misery.

Concept art
1. Old kitchen concept design with point light shadow - Hand up on Tues, 45% completed
2. Final project - show final sketch designs for character and backgrounds on Tues, 30% completed (OMG)

3D Modelling - Final project due in 3.5 weeks, NOT STARTED OAO

2D Animation (Both NOT STARTED)
1. Weight
2. Lip sync

Marker rendering
1. Interior and exterior with characters by Friday, NOT STARTED
2. Final project sketches (at least 5) by Friday, NOT STARTED

I'm.... DOOMED O___________O

The souvenirs~~~

Heh. I didn't actually buy much. Only a couple of items.

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